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The Circulo de Estudios del Nuevo Pensamiento, also known as CENP, is an independient New Thought study center based in Tehuacán (in the mexican state of Puebla). It was founded in 2005 as a nonprofit institution under the laws of Mexico.



Its mission is studying and spreading of New Thought philosophy.


  • Studying and spreading New Thought
  • Promoting a positive view of life
  • Becoming an international community of New Thought students


CENP was founded in 2005 with a very singular vision; studying [New Thought] without indoctrination, just like a University with a plural view. None New Thought writer is read in special. CENP wants to show the many views from New Thought up. Even though CENP is focused on the study of New Thought, it also works in other related activities such as: promoting nonviolence culture, and happiness education.


Since the age of 17, Angel Gustavo Ruiz has been an enthusiastic promoter of Positive Thinking. He is engaged in Human Development, Education, Non-Violence, New Thought and Happiness Education. He is the founder and president of Circulo de Estudios del Pensamiento AC, a non-profit organization based in Mexico that is dedicated to spreading positive thinking through educational programs.

Even though he was engaged in a New Thought organization since 1990 he developed a wider vision about how spreading New Thought in Latin America and he decided in 2005 to open a Study Center where any people could learn about any author of New Thought. The most recognizable project of this organization is the Club de la Felicidad (Club of Happiness), a project to promote happiness education. The Club de la Felicidad has a presence through our South and Central America, Spain and Portugal. Gustavo has the conviction that a better world is possible through the study of happiness and community.

Current Projects and Alliances

  • Club de la Felicidad (Club of Happiness in a free translation). This project is about spreading a positive view of life through meetings and internet.
  • Proyecto Felicidad (Project Happiness). In alliance with Project Happiness we are teaching SEL (social and emotional learning) to a group of children and teenagers
  • Campaña por la No-Violencia - This is our translation for Season for Nonviolence convened by Association for Global New Thought. This project is about spreading nonviolence philosophy trough compassionate activism and communication.
  • Difusión Cultural - In alliance with Casa de Cultura Etnica Popoloca we participate in local cultural events.


  • We spread New Thought without discrimination of ethnicity, nationality, religious tradition, age, gender, color, sexual orientation, or physical disability degree.
  • We are not linked to any political or religious organization, but eventually we may engage in social or humanitarian service in collaboration with other organizations.
  • We don't support the existence of bullfights, circuses with animals or animal fighting.
  • We see woman as a human being with own value and it can not be tied to being a mother or wife.


When you become a member of Circulo de Estudios del Nuevo Pensamiento, you join a community of spiritually motivated people who want to help in spreading New Thought Movement around the world. The main motivation for becoming a member is to help in spreading of New Thought philosophy.

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